Guideline of Full Paper Submissions

(1) Template of 6-pages full papers

Please download and use one of the following template, depending on your interest to publish in CET:
(i) Chemical Engineering Transactions – CET publication with DOI, indexed by SCOPUS (the quality of the article, format and scopes must be adhered strictly to the standards of CET)
(ii) Proceedings only (Non-CET) publication–  will be only inserted in the electronic proceedings. Avoid future full journal article similarity cross-check problems.

Special Issue selections will be selected from both CET and Proceedings conference-only papers.

(2) Submission of 6-pages full papers

To submit your full paper, please log in to the system <>
i) Click on “Abstracts” tab
ii) Go to the “Actions” button of accepted abstract, and select upload full papers from the drop down list
iii) Upload your paper; select your publication (either CET or non-CET proceeding); suggest 3 reviewers (not within your institutions) and provide their details (name, email, institution)
iv) Click on “Save” and submit
Alternatively, you can refer to the user manual


(3) Conference registration and payment

Please complete the registration of conference and make full payment before 30 June 2018. Late payment  cannot be guaranteed for publication in the CET volume. The instructions of conference registration and payment will be made available shortly via <>

If you have any questions or difficulties with the full paper submissions, please contact <>




To submit abstract, please REGISTER HERE 

*The corresponding author should be the one who registers an account in the system and the submission of abstracts should be done via the corresponding author account only.

Steps for abstract submission through the online system.

  1. Register in the ICLCA 2018 conference system
  2. Once register, login using your ID and password
  3. Click Submit Abstract link
  4. Click New Abstract button
  5. Fill in the information and Save


Topic/Theme: Please indicate the topic of presented work according to the available topics in this conference, e.g. Sustainable solid waste management.

Title: Please provide a descriptive title of the paper.

Authors and Affiliations: Please follow the international standards for the names, i.e first name, middle name and surnames. The affiliations of all authors should be included.  The e-mail of the corresponding author should be shown.

Keywords: Provide up to 6 keywords, separated by semi-colons ex. Environment; Engineering; Architecture; Optimization; Applications; Education.

Abstract: Maximum 300 words.

Deadline: (15 March 2018 )