Staff Service



UTM Health Centre provides additional facilities to staff and his/her dependents besides the facilities provided by the panel clinic.



2.1     Outpatient Clinic

2.1.1   Outpatient Clinic opened on schedule.


2.2.   Emergency Treatment

Emergency service provided for in-campus only. UTM Health Centre does not provide emergency service outside the campus.


2.3.   Laboratory Facilities

2.3.1.   Laboratory facilities opened during the office hour only.

2.3.2.   University will carry out the proposed laboratory examinations or advised by the doctor only.


2.4.  Ward Facilities

Staff can be treated in the ward for a temporary period and within the office hour only. To staff who require extra observation over time, will be referred to the hospital.

2.5.   Ambulance and Transportation Facilities

2.5.1.   Staff will only be given the ambulance services and transportation facilities when they are in emergency and this service is limited for in-campus only.

2.5.2.   UTM Health Centre will not responsible to provide any transportation to staff who intent on going to hospital for checkups and non- emergency referring case.


Expenses not covered by this scheme are as follows:

3.1      Treatment, medicines and equipment for sterility, infertility or contraception.
3.2     Spares for parts of the body such as artificial eye, legs, and so forth.
3.3     An aid to parts of the defects and disabilities such as walking sticks, wheelchairs, eyeglasses, hearing aids and so on.
3.4    Medical treatment and surgery for the ritual or cosmetics purposes such as circumcision and etc., except for the cases where doctors confirmed the treatment is needed to reduce the risk to patients.
3.5    Immunization for treatment except in cases of epidemic or tetanus
3.6    Medical check-up expenses, except for the official business of the University.
3.7 Laboratory examination on the instance of that staff itself, without any recommendations or advice from the doctor.



Any of above Item 3.0 which can be provide by UTM Health Centre and staff will be charged at the rate prescribed by the University.