Service Scheme

This is revised service scheme in 2005.

Health scheme is one of health facilities services provided to its eligible holders by the University. UTM Health Centre offers several categories of health scheme to the University in accordance with qualifications. This scheme covers service facilities for staff and students. The scheme intended to provide inspection services and treatment facilities as well as payments to the holders.

The scheme is divided into four categories :

a.  Staff Health Scheme
b.  Student Health Scheme
c.  Student Family Health Scheme
d.  Short Term Health Scheme (Group)

UTM Health Centre also provided a guideline of service offered. These regulatory guidelines explaining the general service regulations and treatment. It covers matters such as the scope of the entitlement of the facility, service schedule, facilities provided and service fees.

Definition :

In this scheme :

1. Student Health Service Scheme is a health services and facilities, student’s medical and dental services.
2. University is a Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.
3. Students are for those who has completed their course registration at UTM.
4. External Candidates are for students who only take the final examination for a subject in which he/she failed to special examination before the end of the semester.
5. Semester is a period of time starting from the first day of the July Semester or December Semester until the last day before the next semester is starting.
6. University Health Centre is a unit that operate and manage matters related to medical, dental and health of the University.
7. Outpatient Clinic is for outpatient medical and dental services.
8. Government Hospital refer to any government hospitals including university’s hospitals in Malaysia, government clinics also National Heart Institute (IJN).
9. Private Hospital refer to any hospital or clinic that is not included in the interpretation of the Government hospitals.
10. Panel Clinic means that the private clinics who are appointed by the University to provide medical services to students or staff of the University.
11. Doctor of The University refer to the Health Officer, Medical Officer or Dental Officer which qualified and registered with the Government of Malaysia has been appointed by the University to serve.
12. Student Affairs Officer refer to the Administrative Officer in Professional and Management Group and served in Office of Student Affairs.
13. Government Doctor refer to the Medical Doctor or Dentist which registered with the Government of Malaysia and they served the Government.
14. Private Doctor refer to the Medical Doctor or Dentist which registered but not served in the Government of Malaysia.
15. Academic Year is a period of time starting on the first day of course registration for a session until the end of the last day of the session break.
16. Emergency Case refer to any case which related to injury and accident, heavy pain, high fever (more than 38 degree Celcius), feeling hard to breath, bleeding, unconscious, and the patient’s condition annoying others or harm himself or others.
17. Student Family Health Service Scheme refer to services, health and medical facilities for student family except dental service.
18. Student Family for male student, it will refer to his wife and children while for female student it will refer to her husband and children. Eligible children are children who borne entirely by students and under the age of
19. Staff refer to staff who been appointed in the University services whether they are permanent, temporary, contract or loan.
20. Liability of Staff for male staff, it will refer to his wife and children while for female staff it will refer to her husband, children, her parents also her step- parents.
21. Staff’s Children refer to children who are borne entirely by staff and they are under the age of 21, or to those who still in their first degree studies and single.
22. Retirees refer to former staff who has retired from the University.
23. Liability of retirees for a male retirees is his wife and children, while for a female retirees refer to her husband and children.
24. List of medicine by the specialist refer to all medicines that being listed under the Specialist Index by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia.
25. Group Health Services Scheme refer to services and health facilities (except dental services) given to the group in campus for the short term of period.
26. Secretariat means a party who involve in organizing and arranging the group in item 24.
27. Outsider refer to those who not involve in Student, Staff, Student Liability, or Short Term Health Service Scheme.