Group Health


The scheme is eligible to be accompanied by those who meet all of the following:

1.1. Attend in activities that proved by the University.
1.2. Staying inside the campus not less than 14 days.
1.3. The members of the group not less than 50 people.
1.4. All members of the group participating in the scheme.


2.1. Outpatient Clinic
Outpatient clinic treatment is in accordance with the schedule set by the UTM Health Centre. Maximum rate is RM 25.00.

2.2. Emergency Services
UTM Health Centre provides 24 hours emergency facilities.

2.3. Medical Laboratory
Medical laboratory testing is conducted only on the advice or recommendations from the doctor. The service will opened according to the schedule prescribe by the University.

2.4. Patient Who Need Extra Observation
Doctor may withhold patient from this scheme, who requires observation and extensive medical care in the observation and treatment room.

2.5.  Ambulance and Transportation Service

2.5.1 Transportation for Emergency Cases
University only providing vehicles for emergency cases on campus and from campus to the hospital.

2.5.2. Transportation Expenses
University will not incur any expenses for transportation except the one provided by the University.


Expenses not covered by this scheme are as follows:

3.1. Treatment, medicines and equipment for sterility, infertility or contraception.
3.2. Treatment and examination related to pregnancy and childbirth either normal or abnormal.
3.3. Spares for parts of body such as artificial eye, artificial legs and etc.
3.4. An aid to parts of the defects and disabilities such as walking sticks, wheelchairs, eyeglasses, hearing aids and so on.
3.5. Medical treatment and surgery for the ritual or cosmetics purposes such as circumcision and etc., except for the cases where doctors confirmed the treatment is needed to reduce the risk to patients.
3.6. Immunization for treatment except in cases of epidemic or tetanus.
3.7. Medical check- up expenses.
3.8. Standby expenses in case of emergency for any events or events organized by the group.
3.9. Received treatment other than UTM Health Centre.
3.10. Dental treatment.

4.0 FEES

4.1. Collection fees are in the responsibility of the secretariat of the group. A full payment of member fees shall be forwarded to UTM Health Centre in the name of Bursary of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. List of member groups must be presented to UTM Health Centre.
4.2. Fees rate that will be charged to all members to participate in this scheme are as follows:

4.2.1. To member who stay for/less than 28 days will be charged RM 0.30 per day.
4.2.2. To member who stay for/more than 28 days will be charged RM 0.20 per day.


Any of item 3.0 which can be provided by UTM Health Centre to members of the group will be charged at the rate set by the University.