Bukit Gantang Homestay Program (Foster Family)

Program : Homestay Program (Foster Family)
Location : Perak
Date : 6 – 8th November 2015

About Bukit Gantang Homestay
Based on oral sources, Bukit Gantang get the name because the village is surrounded by hills bukau.seolah if the village is located in a shà raksasa.Selain that according to those old stories past on the hill has also been found in the tool in gantang. Tool call this the use to measure rice or rice.

According to history, in the past Bukit Gantang also popular as a tin mining. Initially a young man called Long Jaafar has worked to go to Singapore. However, he returned back to Parapat not successful because people in the region. One day, an elephant named Larut peliharaannya escape fled into the forest. When found, these elephants are being covered with mud and filled his body with mud rich ore of tin. Starting from that is where there isprospects of tin by Long Jaafar has been developed to bring in Chinese miners fromPenang. He also founded City of Long Jaafar as the administrative center of business and shelter until he died on May 24, 1858 and buried in the city concerned.

Bukit Gantang Homestay Program was officially opened on May 14, 2005 by Tun Dato ‘Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Up to now, there are 29 houses have joined the Homestay Program and offer various packages with attractive rooms and an atmosphere of comfortable, everyday way of life, culture (clothing traditional common, marriage mock), traditional games (presumptuous, Seremban and top), making traditional food (banana chips, cakes snails and oysters), visit historic ketempat (tomb Long Jaafar), bathing in natural hot pools, agricultural activities (feel the fruit and guided tours to farm fruits) and visit to nearby towns (Taiping Bandar Warisan Kuala Kangsar or the Royal City)

Tentative :
Day 1
Depart From UTM
Shopping at AgroMall
Arrived at Bukit Gantang, Homestay
Welcoming Speech
Foster Family Delegation
Night Hotspring

Day 2
Rubber Tapping
Visit Asam Gelugor (Garcinia Atroviridis/Cambogia) Factory
Visit to Herbs Ethno Valley
Visit Bandar Warisan Taiping
Mock Traditional Malay Wedding (Complete with Feast)
Foster Family Bonding Game
Night BBQ & Telematch

Day 3
Visit Bukit Gantang Museum
Visit Charcoal Manifacture Place
Farewell  & Closing

Scenery from the event;