ISS Bonding Trip with New Students

Putrajaya – 5th March 2016 : The International Student Society (ISS) Kuala Lumpur had organized a bonding trip to Putrajaya with 20 new international students registered for semester II, 2015/2016 in UTMKL.  The students comes from various country such as Yemen, Turkimenistan, Iraq, Bangladesh, China, Iran, Tunisia and Indonesia.  The purpose of the program is to welcome the new International students and open a door of opportunities for the them to communicate and exchange information with each other. Another purpose of this program is to introduce Putrajaya as the Administration Central in Malaysia.

The program started with a short ice breaking session where the students introduced basic information about themselves, academic background, sharing their hobbies and also share the most valuable experience they had in Malaysia.  The student was so happy to get this golden chance to interact freely among multiracial students and learn new things about Malaysia from the ISS committee.  In this program, we had visited Perdana Putra, Putrajaya Lake, Putrajaya Mosque and also Putrajaya Botanical Garden.  Everybody were impressed with the architecture and design of the place.  They also amazed with the brilliant idea of gathering all ministries’ office in one location to ease the people of Malaysia.

The event has benefit the students in many ways specifically in building networking with other students from other academic field.  This program also helped rebranding UTM Kuala Lumpur campus based on the Tagline “Lifestyle @UTMKL”. where the students connect with each other regardless of their skin color, academic area, practice or believe and live together harmoniously as one UTM community.  Thus, this kind of event are seen as a good event for research collaboration and future networking.

Scenery from the event :