Day One @ UTM

Post By ISS - Pakistan | February 2, 2012

You should have:

Original Admission Offer Letter with 5 copies of first 2 pages.
Original Documents with 5 copies of each document.

Step A: Medical Check Up
Go to Pusat Kesihatan (Health Center) Building J01 around 8:30 (opening time) and tell them that you are new student. They will ask for your passport and admission letter and to pay a fee of RM200 at counter # 8. Once done, they will give you a token number and take the following medical test/samples:

  1. X Ray.
  2. Blood pressure.
  3. Eye sight.
  4. Blood sample.
  5. Urine sample.
They will ask you to come around  3pm or 4pm to collect the report. Keep the token with you as when you will come back to collect the report, just scan the token at the computer stating” Scan and Q”. Once scanned, your name will automatically be in queue for doctor checkup. After the checkup by the doctor, you will receive the medical report.After giving the blood and urine sample at lab, you will be free till 3pm or 4pm, it will be a good time to meet your supervisor and may be go to bank to open your account. The CIMB Bank is located near Bendahari (account office). See the below map for blue color building labeled as 3.Opening account is very simple and bank representative will do most of the work for you. Minimum RM 50 is required to open the account but it will be better to desposit cash in the account.
But keep RM3,000 as cash with you.  You will also get the ATM card with PIN Code at the same time. The ATM PIN in Malaysia is of 6 digit. Do change the ATM PIN. The ATM has a daily limit of RM3,000 and you can withdraw RM1,500 in a single transaction. You may also enable internet banking from ATM machines by following the on display guidelines.Behind the bank, there is a CELCOM and Maxis stalls, you can purchase the mobile SIM from there.
Following steps can be completed next day, no problem in doing so.

Step B: Registration
Go to SPS office in Building F54, they will register you as student and will ask you to go to Bendahari to pay the fee. The new procedure requires you to have attestation from UTM Space on account of exemption from IELTS/TOEFL. For which a taxi can be called for. Up next, return to the same building (F54) and registration process shall be completed.

Step C: Fee Payment
At Bendahari office, pay the fee, you can also pay a minimum amount of RM3,000 or RM4,000. This amount depends on the Bendahari officer. You can also pay the full fee, its up to you.

Step D: Martic Card (Student Card)
Again go back to Building F54. This time go to the office in front of SPS office. They will take your photo and will give you the martic card or will tell you to come on next day for martic card.

Step E: International Student Center (Student Visa Application)
ISC is at the basement of the same building F54. Go there to apply for student visa. They will not take your passport but will give you a date to bring your passport for visa submission.

Now go to your faculty/department coordination office and ask for your course registration. They will guide you in this regard. Also go to your kolej office for hostel registration.

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Do check the current student section of SPS website for information.

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