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Arriving at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)
All international flights land at Satellite Building of KLIA, from there you have to take the Aerotrain to come to the Main Terminal building of KLIA. The Aerotrain drops you at the Contact Pier. From there you enter the Main Terminal Building of KLIA in front of immigration counters. After going through the immigration, collect your luggage, go through custom and thats all. Selamat Datang ke Malaysia (Welcome to Malaysia) 🙂

It will be good, if your visit the KLIA website and also the interactive map of KLIA.

A call to Pakistan…
 I arrived safely at Malaysia
Once you have collected the luggage and out of International Arrival, you will be searching from a shop where you can purchase a mobile SIM to call your family in Pakistan. At airport you can find mobile SIMs but it will cost you more and the SIM will be  already activated in someones else name.

The best option is to bring a Ufone prepaid SIM with you having a balance of PKR 1,000. By default all the Ufone SIMs are activated for International Roaming and in Malaysia two mobile companies Celcom and Maxis support International Roaming of Ufone SIM. (Click here for Ufone International Roaming Tariff) Just manually search the networks and chose Maxis from your cell phone and make that Important Call or just give a MissCall to someone back in Pakistan to call you back. Remember that now you are dialing an international number so the calling number should be in proper format (0092333XXXXXXX, +9251XXXXXXX) and also double check the status of your International Roaming by dialing ufone helpline 333 before coming to Malaysia. Loading balance is very easy, just ask some one in Pakistan to send credit through easyload or by sending the card number and you will get the balance here in Malaysia.

It will be a good idea to bring another inexpensive cell phone (Nokia 1100 or 1200 series mobile) for your ufone SIM. Why? because incoming SMS at Ufone SIM is free in Malaysia and the sender is charged as local SMS or according to his/her SMS Package and you can freely reply them back through

Instead of Ufone, you can also bring your Warid, Zong, Mobilink or Telenor SIM but you need to activate the International Roaming by going to Customer Center and loading a certain amount of balance.

For sending free SMS in Malaysia visit Although this site claims to send free SMS to all Malaysian number, sometimes the SMS is not delivered. A valid Malaysian number is required for subscription.

Going to Johor By Air (45 Minutes Travelling)
If you are planing to go to Johor by air then after exiting the International Arrival, go to Domestic Departure or inquire about it from Information Counter. DO NOT ASK HELP from anyone else. REMEMBER IT!!!!. you can find airline office of Air AsiaMalaysia Airline for purchasing of air ticket or if you already purchased one from Pakistan, then ask for boarding card.

In johor, the plane will land at Sultan Ismail International Airport (Senai International Airport). Just collect your luggage go through custom. Book a Taxi from airport counter. It will cost around RM30 to RM40. Just tell them you want to go to UTM or Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.

Going to Johor By Road (4 Hours traveling)
Take KLIA Transit train from KLIA and get off at Bandar Tasik Selatan (TBS). The fare is RM 26.50/=. Alternately, take Bus from Level-2 of KLIA (RM 10) to TBS. From TBS, you can catch the bus for Johor Bahru or JB. Buses are also available for Skudai. Ask the bus driver to drop you at Sri Putri Stop in Skudai. Take a Taxi from there, tell the driver about UTM or Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. The normal fair is RM15 but the driver may ask for more like RM30 or RM40. Its up to your bargaining power that which fare is finalized. Red cabs are economical while Blue cabs are luxurious and fare is double.

Arriving at  UTM 
Stop at the Main Entrance of UTM. Ask the Taxi driver to wait for you. Go to the security office at Main Entrance. Tell them that you are a new student and already requested a hostel room. They will ask for the Martic Number and admission letter. Once you have the hostel key, ask the security office to please inform the Taxi driver about the location of the hostel. For male students, the accommodation will be in KTGB (Kolej14, 15), KDOJ (Kolej16,17). For female students, in Kolej 9, KDSE (Kolej12,13). Word “Kolej” (pronounced as college) is used for hostel. Please visit the Maps link to see the maps of UTM.

A piece of Advise:

Radio Taxis are available in JB and inside UTM as well. Do feed their number so as to help you in commutation.

Radio Taxi:              +6-07-2352020

Taxi Stand in UTM:   +6-07-5537226



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