Isra Mi’raj 1436 H

PPI UTM celebrated the Isra Mi’raj 1436 H on 15 March 2016 with a theme “One Night Journey”.

This celebration invited Mr. Taufiqur Rijal as the Consul General from the Consulate General of Republic of Indonesia in Johor Bahru. Representative from Persatuan Mahasiswa Islam UTM was also invited.

Celebration started with a khutbah from Ustadz Zainuddin with theme “Parrenting Nabawiyah” and followed with forum led by Dr. Dedi Hermawan Bagus Wicaksono, UTM lecturer, adn Mrs. Ida Fauziah, writer of books titled “Puzzle Jodoh”, “Puzzle Cinta”, and particiapted in the writing of “Best of Belanda”.

Celebration ended with group photo.