Conversion Foreign Driving License to Malaysian Driving License

Application for Conversion of Foreign Driving License (Not-Automatic)


Applicant under this category can make application through any nearest JPJ office or branch or JPJ Headquarter at Putrajaya.
Approval will be given from JPJ Headquarter Putrajaya.
Approval will be only for Class D (car) and/or Class B2 (motorcycle).
Result will be available after 30 working days since date of completed application is received.
Successful application can get their license at any JPJ office / branch.
Only Probation Driving License (PDL) and Competent Driving License (CDL) holder eligible for applying.
For applicant who have had driving license under 2 years, will be awarded with PDL.
For applicant who have had driving license above 2 years, will be awarded with CDL.
Applicant should have visa valid at least for 3 months and valid driving license
Application will be considered for countries listed at United Nation Agreement on Conference Transport 1968.

Applicant eligibility:
1. Malaysian national
2. Malaysian Permanent Resident
3. Foreign nationals
a. Participant Malaysia My Second Home Programme (MM2H)
b. Student Pass Holder (Doctor of Philosophy – PhD only)
c. Married with Malaysian
d. Employment Pass Holder (Government/Statutory Body/GLCs (Government Linked Companies))
e. Dependent Pass Holder

Document Requirements
1. Passport – original and copy
2. Visa – copy (at least 3 months)
3. Valid Foreign Driving License – original and copy
4. Letter from Embassy or Consulate

Additional Document Requirement
1) Malaysian national / Permanent Resident – No additional document required.
2) Participant ‛Malaysia My Second Home Programme’
a. Copy of Approval Letter from Malaysia Immigration Department
3) PhD Student only
a. Confirmation of Study Letter from University
b. Matric Card

4) Employment Pass Holder (Government/Statutory Body/GLCs (Government Linked Companies))
a. Contract / Approval from Employer
5) Dependent Pass
a. Passport or Spouse’s Visa
b. Malaysian Driving License (optional)
6) Married with Malaysian
a. Marriage Certificate
b. MyKad spouse