There are two types of Adviser in PPI UTM / Indonesia:

  1. Pembina
  2. Penasihat

Pembina is all Indonesian lecturers and staffs in UTM. The title of Pembina is automatically given if they are listed as staffs or lecturers in UTM.

Penasihat is a group of people that is chosen by the President of PPI UTM to help in giving advise for the committee in managing the organization. Penasihat consists of selected Pembina PPI UTM and selected ex-Presidents of PPI UTM.

PPI UTM Adviser 2014/2015

 No. Name
 1. Prof. Dr. Hadi Nur
 2. Dr. Ardiyansyah Syahrom
 3. Fitra Lestari Norhiza
 4. Aulia Nur Zhahran