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The Faculty of Science was established in 1973 at Jalan Semarak, Kuala Lumpur. In the early years it was known as the Centre of Science Studies. In 1981 the Centre was upgraded and renamed the Faculty of Science of the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. The faculty was initially comprised of four departments namely the Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and the Science & Technical Education Departments. In 1988 the faculty was officially relocated to Skudai Johor. Since then, the Faculty has expanded in terms of physical facilities, academic programmes, number of students and staff members.



To date, we house three main departments; the Department of Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics, plus two additional institutes; the Ibnu Sina Institute for Fundamental Science Studies (IIS) and the Advance Photonic Science Institute (APSI). The departments and centres provide excellent teaching facilities, well-equipped laboratories and qualified academic staff.



The Faculty of Science currently conducts Undergraduate Programmes leading to the Bachelor of Science Degrees in Industrial and Pure Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. In addition, we offer advanced Post-Graduate programmes (MSc and PhD) in the fields of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. The MSc programmes are conducted either through research, taught courses or a combination of both, while the PhD programmes are purely research. In addition, our academic staff are also involved in active research, either in dynamic research groups within the respective departments or other faculties of the university.