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Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis starts with an overview of the historic development of the RO membrane, the RO process, and its effect on other membrane separation processes. Other chapters cover the development of nanocomposites of TFC membranes and modern membrane characterization techniques, such as TEM, AFM and PALS, the RO membrane transport model, and RO membrane fouling. The book also describes, in detail, experimental methods for setting up RO experiments, RO membrane modules, RO membrane systems, and desalination and water treatment by RO. Applications in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, biochemical, petroleum and petrochemical industries are also summarized. 


25/10/2018 – Prof. Datuk Dr. Ahmad Fauzi Ismail was among seven UTM Researchers have won the ‘Malaysia Research Star Award’ presented in Sepang today. Gracing the award ceremony was Malaysia’s Secretary General, Ministry of Education, Dato’ Dr. Mohd Gazali Abas. Prof. Datuk Dr. Ahmad Fauzi Ismail won the International Research Collaboration category

This is the fourth time that Malaysia’s Ministry of Education (MOE), Elsevier and Clarivate Analytics, the global leader in providing trusted insights and analytics to enable researchers to accelerate discovery, have joined forces to recognize outstanding Malaysian researchers, as cited and acknowledged by their peers worldwide. The awards also recognised as Malaysia’s most promising and influential researchers. The award recipients span a variety of research disciplines such as engineering, agricultural sciences, materials science, chemistry, social sciences and environment/ecology.

Mesyuarat Jawatankuasa Induk Symposium on the next generation of Malaysian Techology Military Bil 2

21/9/2018 – UPNM – Mesyuarat Jawatankuasa Induk Symposium on the next generation of Malaysian Techology Military Bil 2 bersama Prof Dr Ahmad Fauzi Ismail Ismail TNC (P&) bersama Prof Emeritus Datuk Dr. Wan Mohd Zain b. Wan Yunus dan Prof Dr Azizi Pengarah RMC UPNM dan lain lain pegawai. Norazizah Ismail, Rozita Abdul Jalil dan Chew Teong Han. Persiapan sedang rancak berlangsung untuk 5 Disember 2018.

The 8th Annual International Conference 2018, Aceh Indonesia

12/9/2018 – Prof Datuk Dr. Ahmad Fauzi Ismail telah dijemput sebagai Keynote Speaker dalam The 8th Annual International Conference 2018 di Universitas Syiah Kuala, Aceh Indonesia. Konferen bertemakan Connecting the world through innovation and sustainable development berlangsung pada 12 hingga 15 Sept 2018. Seramai 8 keynote speaker telah menyampaikan keynote antaranya daripada University of Birmingham, Uni. Malaysia Sabah, Universiti Malaya dan Universitas Kuala Syiah. Ia dirasmikan oleh Prof Ir Dr. Samsul Rizal, M.Eng, Rektor Universitas Kuala Syiah, Aceh.

IRC International Rubber Conference 2018, Pusat Konvensyen Kuala Lumpur.

4/9/2018 – Prof Datuk Dr Ahmad Fauzi Ismail, Tim Naib Canselor (Penyelidikan dan Inovasi) UTM telah menyampaikan plenary lecture dalam IRC International Rubber Conference 2018 bertajuk Sustainable Water Management for the Rubber Industry yang berlangsung selama tiga hari di Pusat Konvensyen Kuala Lumpur. Seramai 5 orang speaker telah menyampaikan syarahan dalam kepakaran masing-masing antaranya adalah J.F.Low Dennis, Presiden Malaysian Rubber Glove Manufacturers Association, Y.Ikeda, daripada Director Center for Rubber Science and Technology, Kyoto Institute of Technology. Perasmian konferen ini telah disempurnakan oleh YAB Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Perdana Menteri Malaysia. Konferen ini adalah anjuran bersama Plsatics and Rubber Institute Malaysia (PRIM), International Rubber Conference Organization, Malaysia Rubber Board, Malaysia Rubber Glove Manufacturers Association, Malaysian Rubber Producat Manufacturer, Institute Kimia Malaysia dan Malaysia Rubber Export Promotion Council.