1. When is the date of the 60th UTM convocation?
    UTM 60th Convocation Ceremony will be held from 28th to 29th April 2018.
  1. When is the rehearsal?
    > The rehearsal will be held on Friday, 27th April 2018.
    > All graduates are required to attend the rehearsal.
    > Graduates are required to dress appropriately. T-shirts, jeans, sandals, etc. are not permitted during the rehearsal.
  1. Do I need to attend the rehearsal?
    > Attendance is compulsory. In this session, the stage flow with full dress rehearsal will be shown.
    > In addition, there will be important announcements made in the session.
  1. When will the invitation letter be sent out?
    > UTM will no longer send out invitation letters for the convocation ceremony. Announcements regarding the convocation ceremony will be made through SMSs and e-mails. Graduates need to print out a copy of computer generated invitation letter during the “Graduands Verification” process: http://www.utm.my/convocation/graduate-verification/, and bring it along upon collecting the convocation attire.
  1. What should I do before collecting the convocation attire?
    > Make a payment of convocation fee.
    > Complete the Graduate Tracer Study Survey; and
    > Pay all outstanding debts to the University (if any)
  1. What are the consequences if I do not complete the Graduate Tracer Study Survey?
    > Will not be allowed to borrow the convocation attire.
    > Will not be allowed to attend the Convocation Ceremony.
    > Will not be allowed to collect the degree/diploma and academic transcript.
  1. What are the procedures involved in order to participate in the convocation ceremony?
    > Pay convocation fee within the prescribed time.
    > Complete the Graduate Tracer Study Survey within the prescribed time.
    > Collect the convocation attire according to the schedule.
    > Register for the appropriate session.
  1. What are the consequences if I failed to register on the convocation day?
    Graduates will not be allowed to participate in the convocation ceremony (registration counters for the morning session open from 6.45 a.m. to 7.15 a.m. and afternoon session open from 12.30 noon to 1.00 p.m.).
  1. What are needed for registration?
    > The copy computer generated invitation letter.
    > MyKad or passport (foreign graduates).
    > A complete convocation attire.
  1. How many guest passes will be given to each of the graduate. Can I get extra passes?
    The guest passes also function as car passes and needed to be shown on the car dashboard upon entering UTM. Only TWO guest passes are allocated to each graduate. The guest passes provided are based on the capacity of the hall. NO EXTRA passes will be provided.
  1. How can I get the  guest passes?
    The guest passes will be distributed during the convocation attire collection process.
  1. How do I verify convocation attendance?
    Graduates have to confirm their attendance via the UTM convocation website: http://www.utm.my/convocation/graduate-verification/
  1. How can I check the conferment session?
    Kindly refer to the Conferment Session in the UTM convocation website: http://www.utm.my/convocation/conferment-session/
  1. If I cannot collect the convocation attire as scheduled, what should I do?
    > Graduates may ask a representative to collect the convocation attire by completing the K3 form (The form can be download from the UTM convocation website).
    > The representative can only collect one extra attire (including one for himself/herself).
  1. Do I need to pay the convocation fee if I’m not able to attend the ceremony?
    The convocation fee is the graduation fee and it is compulsory for all graduates.
  1. I completed my studies with a CGPA 3.50 and will receive the Dean’s Award medal. When will the medal be awarded?
    The Dean’s Award Ceremony will be held before the convocation ceremony and will be organized by each faculty. Graduates need to contact their faculty for further inquiries.
  1. When can I collect my degree/diploma and academic transcript?
    Graduates can only collect their degree/diploma along with the academic transcript after their respective conferment session ends. Graduates need to return the convocation attire and pay all outstanding debts (if any) first, before being allowed to collect theier degree/diploma.
  1. What are the documents needed when collecting the scroll?
    > MyKad / driving license / Matrix Card / Passport (foreign graduates)
    > Slip of returning convocation attire
    > For representatives, please bring along the K1 form and a copy of MyKad/Passport of graduate, payment slip and slip of Graduate Tracer Study Survey.
  1. When can I collect the convocation attire?
    > Please refer to the Schedule of Collecting & Returning of Convocation Attire in the UTM convocation website.
    > Graduates are strongly advise to follow the schedule to prevent any difficulties towards other graduates during the collection process
  1. Dress code for graduates and guests

Male Graduates

  • White or light coloured long sleeve shirt (plain).
  • Dark coloured neck-tie.
  • Black/ dark-blue long pants.
  • Black shoes and socks.
  • One colour lounge suit.
  • Black Baju Melayu with sampin (songket).
  • Black shoes and socks.
  • Neat hair, not coloured.
  • Convocation attire.

Female Graduates

  • White blouse and dark coloured long skirt.
  • Baju Kurung.
  • Dark coloured scarf.
  • Black shoes with lid and heel.
  • Convocation attire.

Male Guests

  • National dress.
  • Baju Batik.
  • Formal Wear.

Female Guests

  • National dress.
  • Baju Kurung / Blouse with long skirt.
  • Formal wear.
  1. I graduated with a first class degree and wish to apply for PTPTN repayment exemption. How can I get the verification letter?
    Graduates must complete a form at the Academic Management Division, Office of Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic & International), Ground Floor, Wing A, F54 Building, UTM Johor Bahru.
  1. I cannot attend the convocation ceremony, can I rent the convocation attire later?
    Graduates are allowed to rent the convocation attire by paying a deposit and laundry charge. The deposit will be refunded after returning the convocation attire. However, no renting can be done between the period of a month before and after of any current convocation. For further information, please contact the Academic Management Division at 07-5530113 / 30363 / 30354.