1. High traffic from mobile user

We are going to use Google Analytics to examine our visitor information. We have the data of last month analytics for the whole UTM websites that use the branding plugin. For a larger view, click on the picture, and try to examine the information that we have.


google analytics mobile vs desktop

Mobile Visitor vs Desktop – Internal vs External Visitor – Google Analytics Data for January 2016

Too many figures? How about this one?


google analytics mobile vs desktop

From the analytics, we can see that the number of Sessions (also known as a number of page view) for “2. mobile” and “3. table” are more than 80,000, which contribute almost one-third of total Sessions (about 300K). The number of Sessions is too large to be ignored.

2. Reduce bounce rate


What is bounce rate?

People who are using mobile devices for browsing the websites are generally have limited time to wait and examine the details on the website since most of them are “on the go”. They would want to get the information quickly. If they are in front of a desktop computer in their house or at the office, they will take their time to look for information, but if they are in the car and looking for the nearest ayam penyet, they would want to have the information quickly. If the website does not load in time, or there are too many out of places buttons and text or images, they will exit the page.

3. Demographics of mobile user

Mobile users usually use their own internet line to browse the internet.

google analytics - age

From the analytics, mobile users largely consist of age between 18-34, which we can safely assume student (both prospective and current). For students who relies on loan and scholarship to fund their studies, internet broadband plan is not cheap. A heavy and slow website will surely quickly turn down the visitor, making them uninterested on continuing browsing the web or worst, did not even wait for the web page to completely loaded.

4. Branding and User Perspective

word cloud - branding

A website carries both brand and impression. A well-designed website for mobile view will give a great impact to the user. People tend to share bad more than good. Things like “slow website” or “out of places content” should be avoided from being shared among visitors. We do need to preserve the good name and brand of the organization. We don’t want an organization that high in ranking but low in quality of our website.

5. Mobile View Not As Expected

civil desktop

Above is the example of a website view using a desktop.

Mobile View

Mobile View

And the mobile view. Fortunately, it is not as bad as expected, the content can still be read, but you need to zoom in first. The boxes are out of places. The menu stacked on somewhere to the top. The page is not center etc.


There are a lot of plugins out there that will help on optimizing your website for mobile view, but most of it usually will not be flexible enough to configure. Instead of repairing your website for mobile view, it is easier to change your theme that supports both mobile and desktop view. Search for responsive themes, download, install and enable. Please prevent yourself from editing the themes, as this will sure to break the theme unless you have a lot of time to customize them for the multiple views.