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We are located at T03, University Industry Research Building, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.

Address : T03, UIRL Building, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, 81310 Skudai, Johor.  

Telephone : 07-5557780

Email : cmcutm@utm.my

Operation Hours : Sun – Wed (9.00 am – 4.30 pm), Thurs (9.00 am – 3.00 pm)

Our Services

CMC undertakes a central role in the comprehensive chemical management in the campus. The main aspects of our center are:


  • To plan, control & coordinate chemical procurement process, hence helps in reducing financial cost of the university.
  • To manage the inventory, distribution and chemical safety of the campus.
  • To manage gas supply for UIRL.
  • To manage scheduled chemical wastes of the campus.
  • To be the reference for chemical management field in UTM.



Chemicals are used widely in teaching, learning and research activities in UTM. CMC supports the enforcement of laws and regulations related to the risk management of chemical substances. Students and researchers should be aware that many materials used in the laboratory are regulated by various legislation and agencies. Thus, all procedures applied in CMC are strictly following the legal requirements, starting from the beginning of chemical procurement untill the disposal of chemical wastes.

A Word

From Our Manager

“University’s laboratories host many different operations serving a variety of purposes, such instance teaching, learning and service laboratory functions. The use of chemicals is necessary for many laboratories. It is known that working with chemicals exposed workers to high risk of hazards. Chemical safety issues is a wide ranging and encompassing concept that sometimes overlooked or even ignored in the Malaysian universities. Perhaps we can work together as a team to achieve a better awareness and understanding on safe work in dealing with chemicals on our campus.”

– Dr. Zaidah Rahmat


Our Upcoming Events & Activities



Basic Course of Scheduled Wastes Management

Biology Department, Fac of Science

Event Info

Target participants : All laboratory staff in Bio Departm. which involved in handling scheduled wastes.



Occupational Safety & Health Award Audit 2018

03/03/2019 – 11/04/2019 

Event Info

OSH audit @ university level.



Scheduled Wastes Disposal Collection

Cycle 1

Event Info

Inspection : 16th April 2019

Collection activity : 17-18 Apr 2019



Submission of Chemical Register & Chemical Inventory

No. 1

Event Info

All parties are compulsory to submit the documents to CMC. 



Workshop of Scheduled Wastes Generator

No. 2

Event Info

Target participants : All laboratory staff in Faculty of Science & UIRL which involved in handling scheduled wastes.



Application of Teaching & Learning Chemical

Sem I 2019/2020

Event Info

Form submission by PTJ : 28th May 2019

Effective Communication

Information & Training

Hazard communication program are compulsory to be provided by the employer that have hazardous chemicals in their workplaces. In CMC we believed that talk, seminar, course, advice, open discussion, and the potential of face to face and hands on training is needed to improve the awareness on chemical safety in the campus. Thus, we offers everyone to discuss and organize any internal training needed in your unit/department.  

Chemical Register & Chemical Inventory
  • Download the form HERE.
Labeling & Relabeling
Safety Data Sheet
  • Download SDS here.
Chemical Storage
Scheduled Wastes Management


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Location: T03, UIRL Building, UTM, 81310 Skudai, Johor.

Telephone: 07-5557780

Email: cmcutm@utm.my

Working Hours: Sun – Wed (9.00 am – 4.30 pm),
                                  Thurs (9.00 am – 3.00 pm)