Universiti Teknologi Malaysia provides rich opportunities for students to build and grow. We believe that student must equip themselves not only with academic qualifications, but also with soft skills. Soft skills such as communications, teamwork, conflict management, creative thinking, problem solving may not come from the classroom, but it is vital to have in today’s competitive world.

MG_0187For this reason we provide a platform for students to involve in various clubs and associations that suits their varied interests, hobbies and backgrounds. There are currently 52 clubs and societies in UTM that add color and diversity to the campus life.

All these clubs and societies are classified into leadership organizations, academic organizations, non-academic organizations, religious organizations, art organizations and student chapter. With all of these organizations, there is always something for everybody. However, we aim to grow bigger, if you think that there is a gap to be filled, you can refer to the Office of Student Affairs and Alumni to get the guideline on how you can set up your own student society. You can explore the full list of existing clubs and societies in the student association section.

To promote healthy lifestyle in the campus, UTM has set up its own Sports Excellence Centre for student to actively involve in sport activities. Our stadium which located in Johor Bahru campus offers swimming pool, gym, sport hall and more. In addition, many colleges have their own pitches and facilities. Other facilities include kayak, recreational forest, volleyball/beach soccer, petanque and eco-recreation center. Do explore our sports section for more information.

By getting actively involved in activities outside your academic studies you will gain significant skills and life experience, which in turn will improve your employability and give a good impression of yourself.

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