Foods security, human health and wellness, and the environment are important emerging local and global issues.  These issues are academically challenging and  require multidisciplinary innovative R&D solutions. Biotechnology provides significant contribution   in addressing these emerging issues. Biotechnology Research Alliance is consolidating its Key Focus R&D Area on the development of high value products and services for the sector.  The R&D team consisting of 80 multidisciplinary researchers from life sciences, microbiology, biochemistry, chemistry and phytochemistry, bioprocess engineers, chemical engineer, biomedical engineers and pharmacy. A complete platform of bioproducts development is carried out in UTM to ensure the products are developed according to the requirement of the regulating authority requirements and acceptable to the local and global the market. To position UTM as one of the leading centres for biotechnological-based R & D activities in the region, a number of cutting-edge and industry-driven R & D activities focusing on the wellness biotechnology sector are formulated. In 2013 a total RM10 million of R&D grants was secured.  The number of high impact factor publications, patents, commercialized products and international linkages are growing.  To strengthen RA Biotech position in R&D, Key Focus Area for the R&D for the next five years has been identified;

  1. Advanced Bio-Processing
  2. Natural Products, Herbal & Phytochemicals
  3. Nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals and probiotics
  4. Biomass and renewable biological-based resources
  5. Microbial and enzyme biotechnology
  6. Human healthcare and development

The consolidation of the existing R&D platforms is important for RA Biotech to stay focus on the high impact R&D. It is an integrated R&D approach in solving the society need and creating opportunity for the country. Integrated solution requires a multi-disciplinary research effort to complete the product development chains. A Bioproduct Validation Centre is being set-up for to facilitate the bioproduct development R&D activities.