Conference Schedule

4th Asia International Conference 2018

Conference Theme: Leading the Future: Education, Management and Society
Venue: Langkawi International Convention center, Langkawi, Malaysia

6th December 2018

1100-1730       Virtual Conference

7th December 2018

0900-1730             Conference Registration

7th December 2018:   Pre-conference Workshop Series

Time Workshop title Resource person
0930-1100 Recent Econometrics Development Prof. Dr. Shahbaz

Chair, Energy and Sustainable Development, Montpellier Business School, France

0930-1100 Contemporary Data Analysis Techniques for Primary Data Prof. Dr. Amran MD Rasli

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia,

Summit University Zanzibar, Tanzania

1100-1230 Methodology for Social Science Research Prof. Dr. Rajah Rasiah

University of Malaya

1100-1230 Tools and Techniques for Systematic Literature Review Dr. Muhammad Imran Qureshi

Director Connecting Asia,

Senior lecturer, Malaysian Institute of Industrial Technology, University Kuala Lumpur.

1430-1600 How to Publish High Impact Factor Prof. Dr. Jiří Jaromír KLEMEŠ

Head of Laboratory for Process Integration and Intensification CPI2, The University of Manchester, UK

1600-1730 Qualitative Research Methodology for social scientists Prof. Dr. Leo Paul Dana

Montpellier Business School, France


8th December 2018, Conference day 1

Time Event
0700-083 Registration
0830-0845 Guests Seating
0845-0900 Opening Note by Prof. Dr Amran Rasli (Conference Chair)
0900-0920 Plenary Speech Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shahbaz
0920-0940 Plenary Speech Prof. Dr. Leo Paul Dana
0940-1000 Plenary Speech Prof. Dr. Rajah Rasiah
1000-1020 Plenary Speech Prof. Dr Jiří Jaromír KLEMEŠ
1020-1040 Plenary Speech Prof. Dr. Ayuba A. Aminu
1040-1100 Plenary Speech Dr Muhammad Imran Qureshi
1100-1110 Group Photograph
11100-1130 Breakfast
1130-1330 Session 1

5 Slides 5 Minutes (5S 5M) Competition

Parallel Sessions (Normal Presentations)

Poster presentation Sessions

13:30-14:00 Lunch & Prayer Break
14:00-16:00 Session 2

5 Slides 5 Minutes (5S 5M) Competition

Parallel Sessions (Normal Presentations)

Poster presentation Sessions

16:00-16:15 Tea Break
16:15-18:15 Session 3

5 Slides 5 Minutes (5S 5M) Competition

Parallel Sessions (Normal Presentations)

Poster presentation Sessions





Venue: Westin Resort Langkawi

Date : 8th December May 2018

Time: 1900 – 2200 Hours


Time Program
1900 – 1930 Registration & Guest Seating
1930 – 1940 Welcome Speech by Conference Chairman Prof. Dr Amran Rasli
1940 – 2000 ASIA Achievements by Dr Muhammad Imran Qureshi
2000 – 2005 Montage (ASIA Achievements & AIC 2018)
2005 – 2015 About ASIA till Now and Future Plans of ASIA, Launch of ASIA Membership Campaign
2015 – 2030 Presentation of Awards and Cash Prizes
2030 – 2115 Cultural Event
2115 – 2120 Photo Sessions
2120 – 2200 Networking & Dinner
2200 End of the Event

Dinner Theme: Connecting People Globally
Dinner Attire: Traditional Attireb
The Guests are requested to wear their own country Traditional Attire


9th December 2018, Conference day 2


Time Event
Prayer Break
1100-1700 Virtual Conference

Langkawi Mangrove tour / sunset cruse and dinner (paid)