Message from the Director


Assalamualaikum w.r.t. w.b.t. dan Good Day 1 Malaysia.

 “A chain is no stronger than its weakest link”, goes well with the saying when UTM is declared as the Research University recently. We from the Alumni Liaison Unit (UPA) would like to share this moment and believe this would be a new epoch of UTM and at the same time will be a new beginning for us to open the door for another success stories of UTM Alumni on upbringing more recognized research projects that shares expertise and memorable experiences with UTM.

 Upholding the new title certainly will convey a new standard that defines management value in various actions that will heartily emerge. Hence, in continuing the inheritance  of UTM Alumni  for these successful years, we have planned for a variety of beneficial programs and activities that would build a stronger bonding between UTM and the Alumni’s.

 By having the Persatuan Alumni UTM” (PAUTM), “Koperasi Alumni UTM Berhad” (KAUTMB), Special Interest Groups (SIG) and the National Sector which indirectly embedded to fulfill the vision & mission of UTM particularly the UPA  will guide to transform into an innovative service provider.

 Every success lies in the hand of the beholder, hence I, humbly would like to call upon the alumnus and alumnae to come forward and make a contribution to UTM Alumni Endowment Fund, which will be exploited to many valuable activities and also as an endowment for the needed scholar. Making a little difference into ones life; create new hope of living, so as our Alumni Awareness Program which is planned with memorable activities to attract and increase the sense of belonging to UTM. With a collaboration of 135,000 alumni family member will surely help to optimize fully the family value into another successful experience which I believe is not far.

 Therefore, I hope and pray for the success of every UTM alumni and thank you for the remarkable support. May this affiliation incessant for betterment of UTM into an inspiration university globally.

 “Alumni the Inheritance of Leadership”